Thermal Modeling Engineer

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Join us and be a pioneer for a green transport revolution.
Automotive Cells Company (ACC) is one of Europe’s newest and most exciting high-tech companies. Backed by Saft-Total, Stellantis-Opel and Mercedes-Benz, ACC is set to power the future of the automotive industry by innovating in battery technology.
We aim to produce sustainable, affordable, high-capacity, longer-life batteries as a cleaner alternative to current energy sources. We have created an R&D center and new state-of-the art facility in France (New Aquitaine), and we are building gigafactories in Hauts de France, Germany and Italy.

We need a range of skilled and agile people to bring our vision to life, especially in the areas of industrialization, mechanical design, testing/prototyping and any other function of a new-born company. If you’re looking to take your career further than you imagined, if you’re passionate about creating cleaner transport, we’d like to hear from you.

Accelerating sustainable mobility for all.

As a Thermal Modeling engineer you will model thermal behavior of cells and modules using Computer Aided Engineering tools, like Star CCM+, or Comsol. You will be in charge of the management of the thermal simulation related to performance (Fast Charge, WLTP etc…) and associated cooling means to ensure the respect of customer requirements

You will support thermal design teams for cells and module design. You will have cross activities abuse modeling engineer to optimize and manage all battery thermal aspect. You will also liaise with testing and V&V teams to support test and model correlation. You will have to present results of his studies internally and to customers. You will manage his simulation environment and manage the digital continuity.

Your Main Missions will be :

  • Perform thermal and electro thermal simulation at pack, module and cell level.
  • Able to coordinate characterization test
  • Correlate models vs reality to improve company experience
  • Manage internal and external projects, contracts, while collaborating with internal teams (R&D, Industrialization, Projects, Simulation, …).
  • Manage collaborations with suppliers, customers and strategic partners.
  • Contribution in the company roadmap.
  • Be up to date to the state of the art on its topic of expertise.
  • Support Intellectual Property monitoring and propose innovative patentable concepts.

Know How

  • Thermal/CFD/ Simulation mastering
  • Fluid mechanics good mastering
  • Heat transfer mastering
  • Knowledge of battery manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge on various analytical methods commonly used in simulation
  • Problem solving methods


Entry level accepted


  • MSc with 3 years of experience or PhD with thesis
  • Fluent in English

Key behaviours

  • Analytical and synthetical skills
  • modelling
  • organization and time-management skills
  • customer focused
  • initiative
  • result and performance motivated
  • creativity
  • team spirit
  • autonomous
  • good communication and social skills

Some extra skills which could make a difference

  • Materials
  • French, any other languages
  • Data Science

attached the french version of this offer:

Why join us?
Our Advantages and Perks: new premises, parking spaces reserved for carpoolers, possibility of recharging your electric car on reserved spaces in our parking lot.

Other perks and advantages include : Company restaurant, meal and also vegetables/fruits baskets delivery service. Janitorial services, telecommuting, complementary retirement plan (subject to a salary threshold), additionnal & seniority leaves, well-being workshops, osteopathy sessions.

You will also benefit from access to our Sports & Culture association, conferences, and also sports, holidays and culture subsidy.

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ACC - Automotive Cells Company

ACC - Automotive Cells Company

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